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Skills That Make Me an All-Rounder

I can add value to new start-ups and businesses with my professional skills.

Business Skills

I am a business strategist who has significant knowledge and experience regarding business expansion and communication. By having a keen interest in management & development, I look forward to empowering start-ups and SMEs.

Technical Skills

When I entered the realm of entrepreneurship, I analyzed that to lead a business, one must be an all-rounder. Since online presence is crucial and a business must have an appealing and engaging virtual front, I  started by polishing my graphic designing and video editing skills. 

Soon I realized that “good design” is not the only major contributor to an effective marketing campaign. So, I directed my efforts to perfect my content and scriptwriting skills. The duo was not complete without social media marketing, which I learned by conducting all of the campaigns myself. 

Apart from the above, I highly benefited from investing in word press management as well as financial management. These helped me to have a grip on strategic areas that can make or break a business.

Soft Skills

I have always been passionate about public speaking. It really helped me with communication and negotiation as I climbed the steps of entrepreneurship. As a person who has a lot of experience in the media industry and working with start-ups, I have developed a sense of creativity that is crucial when it comes to having a competitive edge. In addition, by taking several initiatives, such as the reformists and being a key member in the new project Exponeur, I have managed to further polish my leadership skills

Professional Work Experience

“When you invest in your future through your work, you’re also creating meaningful change in the world.” 


President at Exponeur (2021-till present)

Exponeur is a global entrepreneurial platform that aims to collaborate with all upcoming World Expos. It is also on the mission to empower the developing countries to establish the right entrepreneurial infrastructure. It will have an AI-powered technology to match investors with fruitful entrepreneurial projects. As the President, I constantly look for opportunities to grow the business.

The Reformists

Founder & CEO at The Reformist (Sept 2019- till present)

I established “The Reformists” with an aim to uplevel the education sector. It strives to make a difference in the job market by helping people find the right career.


Co-Founder & CEO at BOJ “Best Overseas Jobs” (January 2022- till present)

“Best Overseas Jobs” is a  global job market bridging the gap between job seekers and providers. The platform assists individuals in finding contractual jobs, freelance projects, and other tasks. 

Landmark Hotel Naran

General Manager at Landmark Hotel Naran (May 2015- January 2022)

During the project, I was in charge of the construction of it. Since this is a tourist destination with a scenic view, it needed creative marketing efforts to generate buzz. For those purposes, I built engaging and attractive content for branding and marketing that would convert the lookers into bookers. 

Kohistan TV

Co-founder & Chairman Kohistan TV (May 2020- till present)

By analyzing the state of awareness within the people of Kohistan, I launched a news channel. It educates and updates the population. In addition, it showcases the true essence of the area and helps promote tourism.


Co-Founder at 12-Hills (August 2015- till present)

This project was my first step of the entrepreneurial journey. In the beginning, the business model revolved around arranging student trips. Later on, it went private and introduced customized tourism solutions.  

Other Experiences

  • Section Officer at USA Pavilion Expo 2020 in Dubai (August 2021 – till present) 
  • Co-Founder & CEO at Exponeur (October 2021- till present)
  • Procurement Manager at Punjab Tikka House (Restaurant) Naran (July 2020 – Till Present)
  • Co-founder & Chairman Hazara News Network (March 2020- till present)
  • Chief Marketing Officer at Qaurus (Nov 2017- March 2019)
  • Chief Marketing Officer at Mir Motion Graphics (August 2018- November 2018)
  • Content Creator at Sham Idrees Management (December 2018- March 2018)
  • Creative Content and Production Head at Baydaar News (May 2018 – 2020)
  • Intern at Ain shams University, Cairo (2017)
  • Intern at Higher Education Dept. in Peshawar (2015)

Public Speaking & Sessions

I have organized and delivered sessions on various peacebuilding, CVE, Personality Development, MUN conferences, Mental Health issues, Educational Reforms, Career counseling, Motivational sessions, and Stress Management therapies through meditation.

Some of the sessions I delivered:

  • Developing Sustainable Entrepreneurial Infrastructure in Developing Countries
    • At USA Pavilion 2020
  • Importance of “Focus” in Our Lives
    • At USA Pavilion 2020.
  • Self-Actualization
    • At DHAI Education System.
  • Importance of Aptitude and Personality Development in kids
    • At Jalal Baba Auditorium Abbottabad.
  • Radicalization of Violent Extremism in Pakistan 
    • At Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan. A seminar by PIPS (Pakistan Institute of Parliamentary Services) in Collaboration with the Shaoor Foundation for Education and Awareness.
  • Meditation Session 
    • At Snowfest by GDA
    • At Ayub Medical College, Abbottabad. 
    • A seminar on “Mental Health Awareness” by Tabeer.
  • Mentoring Session for young Salamti fellows 
    • At Salamti fellowship Cohort II. 
  • Motivational Session 
    • At the Abbottabad Model United Nations Summit in 2018.
  • Founder of Program “Mukalmaa” In Abbottabad. 
    • A Platform where young professionals interact, discuss ideas and collaborate for the social wellbeing of society.

Interactive Sessions with The Pakistan Media Industry

I have conducted several interactive sessions with the casts, actors, actresses and influential media persons at NUST, Islamabad. These interviews helped me in communication and confidence building. 

  • Cast of film “Manto” (Sarmad Khoosat and Sania Saeed) 
  • Ahmed Ali Akbar 
  • Cast of the film “Chalay Thay Sath” 
  • Sham Idrees, Froggy And Shahveer Jafferi 
  • Saqlain Mushtaq 
  • Cast of “Verna” ( Mahira Khan and Haroon) 
  • “Lal Kabootar” (Mansha Pasha and Ahmed Ali Akbar) 
  • Sohai Ali Abro 
  • Ahsan Khan



The similarities between business and film are quite striking. Every film has a hero, and so does a business. There is a villain that the hero defeats. True for Business again! The product or service will knock out the problem. 

Acting in multiple films and theatre series has polished my business skills. I am well aware of the techniques that help me grab attention. In addition, it has given me tremendous media exposure as I have directed several of the works.

Digital Show & Anchoring

To come up with content that is engaging and captivating is crucial. It should make your audience static to the point that they don’t reach for the popcorn. You can do this by going inside the story and playing it out in your mind. That’s how media wonders happen!

I have always wanted to use the power of the media to raise awareness about social issues. In addition to serving as a creative content head at Baydaar News, I have also been the anchor of the show called “This Side Up”. The platform gave me an opportunity to talk about topics such as the role of the judiciary, water shortage, education, the importance of tax, and more.

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