Influencer & Strategist.

An unshakable optimist on a mission to boost entrepreneurship and develop a collaborative culture.

I wear different hats!

A Founder


Exponeur is a global platform that empowers entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams. It provides entrepreneurs with the resources they need to explore new ideas and opportunities, prove their worth and achieve success, overcome challenges and achieve their goals, nurture the entrepreneurial spirit, and help to create a more entrepreneurial world. Exponeur also provides a platform for entrepreneurs to exchange ideas and learn from each other, unites entrepreneurs allows them to build a stronger community, and helps entrepreneurs to rise and achieve their full potential.

In short, Exponeur is a place where entrepreneurs can come together to learn, grow, and make a difference in the World

The Reformists
There is a huge gap in the education sector. Students are unable to find a career that aligns with their personality and aptitude. This vacuum motivated me to co-found “The Reformists”. The idea is to bridge the gap and help people find the right career based on their aptitude and personality. Hence, helping the job market by finding the right person for the right job

An Entrepreneur

“Start something that matters, no matter how small.”

Over the past six years, I have managed to kick start a multitude of initiatives and have built them from the ground up. My latest entrepreneurial journeys include “Exponeur” and The “Reformists”

An Influencer

 “What is my purpose? How can we make the situation better? What matters?”

These questions form the vibrancy, connection, and meaning themes that weave throughout my speaking sessions. I am passionate about reflecting and sharing my thoughts on current issues.

Peace Activist

An activist who diligently and repeatedly tries to achieve social, economic, or political objectives that promote peace and collectivism. 

Where I Aspire To Be….

  • Become a global leader in entrepreneurship & education development
  • Revolutionize the educational arena
  • Grow Exponeur — Climb the steps of global entrepreneurship
  • Promote peace & collectivism

How I Changed Ladders To Reach To The Top

My goal is to achieve excellence through learning from my mistakes and failures. I believe that life is the greatest mentor. All you need to do is watch the way everything unfolds and glean meaning.

It is common knowledge that we must work in the direction that will help us achieve our goals. I have added an extra line to this saying, and that has changed everything for me.

You can achieve much more when you include all of the other directions and opportunities that can somehow improve your path. A narrow focus will get you to one goal; a broad focus, with consideration of your passion, expertise, and interest, will help you accomplish something much bigger than you imagined.

As a result of constant tweaking and turning of the norms, I have been ranked among the top seven emerging SME leaders across Pakistan and among the top 40 emerging young leaders across MENASA.

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No matter what the topic is, whether it is the media journey or the road to entrepreneurship, I always strive to deliver sessions centered around gratitude and growth.

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